Let Health Shine In

Brighten every day with these well-being boosters. Start now …

Increase your stamina for emotional challenges—and physical endurance—through daily self-nurturing habits. It does not take much time to improve your overall health with these easy tweaks. (Important: May cause feelings of contentment and improved ability to work out.)

1. Bullet It

A bullet journal is a concise way to list goals, including those involving fitness, nutrition, and stress-busters. Research shows tracking progress increases successes. With bullets, you can easily style lists and sub-lists to quickly show all action items. (You also get more to check off, which always feels great.)

Bullet ideas:

  • workouts (include exercises, reps, frequency, weights)
  • health challenges (eat an extra veggie a day)
  • food consumption (Are you really eating that planned extra veggie?)
  • habits (screen time, daily steps, meditation)

2. Sleep

Consider time spent sleeping as an investment. During sleep, you strengthen your immune system, and recover from the day’s physical and mental stress. You wake with more energy, which likely translates into increased productivity. In itself, this is a great mood-booster. Insufficient sleep can magnify tasks, making them seem overwhelming. It also can exaggerate reactions to otherwise trivial stressors. (Your biggest sleep-deprived accomplishment will be lazing on the couch in a bad mood.)

Body and mind quickly become stagnant with lack of movement. Even a short burst of activity often lifts mood and eases physical discomfort. The body was created to move and the mind thrives from its motion.

Track your steps to see how much movement you manage on a regular basis. Strive for more. You know how to sneak in extra activity. Start by banning all drive-throughs and elevators. Get your blood circulating, breathe deeply, put yourself out there. Step it up!

4. Determine Your Needs

You cannot live a contented life when you have forgotten what brings you joy. Perhaps you have been so caught up in work and life’s chores that you operate on auto-pilot. Eventually, your personal needs get overlooked.

Take time to remember what brings you true happiness. This could involve some lengthy soul-searching. Then, make time for those activities on a regular basis. It could be simple, like regularly making time for a quiet cup of coffee. Or, it could involve reconstructing a troubled aspect of your life. However big or small, know the investment is worth it. Set an intention to create an abundance of happiness, including your own.

The mind and body require challenges to stay vital and healthy. Research continues to indicate our brain’s incredible power to grow, even later in life. The trick: Challenge it! Try new activities. Force yourself to think in different ways by changing your routine, from exercises in your workout to the order in which you dress for the day.

Muscle memory reduces the effectiveness of your workout. Your physical being needs ongoing challenges, too. Vary your fitness classes and equipment choices. Take your land workout to the pool. Keep yourself guessing! You mind and muscles will thank you.

6. Plan Meals

Planning meals is the easiest way to eat healthier. It requires an up-front time investment, which can be during a day off. Preparing your own meals allows you to customize exactly what you wish to consume. Honor your tastes and dietary concerns. Introduce new flavors, vegetables, and protein options at your own pace.

Strive to create a plan for a few days to a week. Then, stock up on the ingredients. This is an excellent way to experiment with new healthful recipes. If you wish to lose weight as well as eat healthier, advanced planning increases your chance for success.

Be Open

Try these suggestions. Expand on them. Make them your own to brighten your well-being.