Why Britain Should Encourage Sport

Britain faces increasing obesity levels — and that’s not good for future generations. More and more people are sitting down in an office or at home for their jobs, which is no good for their health or fitness. Spending 6 hours a day sitting down doing work, can have a dramatic effect on your metabolic rate, meaning that it will make it harder for you to lose weight, and keep fit.

So how can we encourage sport, especially in children? There are plenty of opportunities in every city/town to get a place in a Sunday League football team, no matter how good or bad you are. However, people can be discouraged by that from either the fact that they aren’t very good at the sport so barely get to play anyway, or do not get on very well with many of their team mates, so get bored.

There are also plenty of other opportunities everywhere in the UK though to join any sort of team, be it Cricket, Rugby, Table Tennis etc.

School is a pivotal place to help get the youth into sport. If you at school and one of your best friends joins an after school club, then it is likely that you will too, as you will want to be with them, and enjoy what you’re doing. And still many people sit on their computers on social networking sites all day, or playing online games.

That has really been the main problem in recent years — the rise of the internet. Because of this, people no longer need to go to the shops, go out to talk to their friends, or even do sport! No matter what you want, it’s all on the internet, and requires so much less effort. However, ultimately it can have a devastating effect on physical health — and could cut your life short by a year or two.

In adults, it gets extra tricky. Because most adults work for a lot of the day, then come home to a family which they have to look after, participating in sport becomes quite difficult. There are nowhere near as many clubs for adults to join as young people — and to go anywhere seems to cost maximum. In times like these when every penny counts, it becomes nearly impossible for some adults to get involved — especially when many spend their free time in the pub instead.